“My wife had an idea to add a Florida room to our home, which I thought was crazy, but she knew what she wanted and promised she’d hire the best company out there. BSS Exteriors came out, did the job, and we love it. I couldn’t be happier,” Jack Dempsy, Melbourne Beach

Florida Rooms are a Specialty of Ours


Florida Room Professional Builders


A Florida Room is characterized by fully insulated walls and ceilings, along with a generous use of insulated glass for the windows and doors. Sunrooms offer owners the ability to enjoy the natural daylight of the sun without having to deal with weather elements. Sunrooms come in many styles and most sunrooms can be custom designed. Sunrooms are no longer an “Add-on” piece, but an extension of your home, so when planning for a sunroom, make sure that it matches the style of your house. Regardless of the climate in which you live, a sunroom can be added to your existing living space. Many people choose to add glass walls to an existing structure. This type of sunroom will increase the amount of sunlight and the functionality of the structure. The expense for this type of sunroom will be considerably less than a traditional sunroom since there is already an existing roof and foundation. This type of sunroom addition also adds to the total square footage of your home while increasing the value.


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